Somatic Sexology is a diverse field. ASIS Members share the common aims of supporting Clients’ individual personal growth, empowerment and integration, and their emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual well-being.

ASIS recognises that members may work in differing though related disciplines. These broadly encompass talking (e.g. coaching, counselling, education, psychotherapy) and/or somatic modalities (e.g. body coaching, breathwork, massage, surrogacy, trauma release) and/or energy work (e.g. sexual shamanism, Tantric and Taoist practices).

While the specific modalities used may vary between practitioners, between Clients or between different session with the same Client, the Code of Ethics & Ethical Codes of Practice apply equally to all professional activities including individual or group work, teaching, training, assisting, supervising and consulting and provide a common set of values upon which Members continually build their professional work.